2. Configuring of through indicators for KPI

In this step, we will configure through indicators that are necessary for the calculation of «KPI» in Redmine. Through indicators - indicators whose values are the same for all employees in the organization. Data from the through indicators is used to determine norms of working hours , and calculation of performance indicators in the calculation of KPI.

Through indicators

Through indicators are used in the calculation of the KPI, when you need to specify a value that is common to all the employees of the company or group of persons. Through indicators have two attributes: planned value and actual value. Depending on the needs, the actual value can be not filled. An example of a through indicator with two values - planned and actual is the «Total income for the month». An example of the indicator with only plan values can be «Hours norm for office employees».

If in through indicator parameters specified that it is a hours norm, then this indicator can be used in the salary calculation formula of the employee, as a hours norm you need to work in the calculation period.

  • In the top menu, select the item KPI, then in the drop-down menu, select the item Through indicators.

  • In the opened window, click Add indicator.

  • Specify department and position of person, responsible for filling in the indicator. Specify the name of the indicator.

  • Enable affixing of planned and actual values.

Filling in through indicators

For each indicator, by combination of department and position is defined employees who have to fill in the values of these indicators each month. If the responsible employee enters Redmine, he will see a counter informing about the need to fill through indicators for the current calculation period.

If the user has the right to View all through indicators, when filling in values he will be able to see values filled in by other users of other through indicators, for which he is not responsible.

  • To fill in the values of the through indicator you should select item KPI in the top menu, then in the drop-down menu choose Fill in through indicators.

  • Fill in required data and then click Save button.