KPI calculation patterns

Calculation patterns are used as preconfigured KPI element for fast creation of calculation periods in the future. Patterns include a set of users they apply to. Each employee can have multiple calculation patterns.

  • To create a KPI pattern you should select item KPI in the top menu and then in the drop-down menu select item KPI patterns.

  • On the opened page, click on the link in the top right corner Add new KPI pattern.

  • On the pattern form, fill in the Pattern name, add it`s Description and save.

  • After creation of pattern, you will be redirected to the page of editing other parameters of the pattern.

  • On the tab «Assigned list» you need to add employees, whom this KPI pattern will apply to.

  • On the tab «Perfomance indicators» you need to add indicators, to be used in this KPI pattern.

  • For each performance indicator in KPI pattern must be specified weight. Sum of weights of all indicators should be equal to 100%.

  • Add previously created performance indicators «Performance of the official duties» and «Bugs found» and set it`s weights. Then save the pattern.

  • Create a new calculation pattern the manager, add the employee «Lev Tolstoy» to it.

  • Add the indicators «Closed issues» and «Performance of the official duties (managers)», set it`s weights.

  • Create a new KPI pattern for the specialist of HR department, add the employee «Olga Kerucheva» in it.

  • Add the indicator «Overall profit» and set the weight to 100%.