Performance indicators

Before you create a new performance indicator, ensure that such indicators in the system does not exist.

Indicators can be defined using the actual interpretation or using interpretation matrix. Type of matrix assignment is selected depending on the specifics of the indicator.

Indicators differs according to the type of input actual values. Actual values input is of several types:

  • Direct input — select this type of input, if at filling in evaluation on this indicator is necessary to fill in the actual value of the indicator manually in an empty field.
  • Exact values ​​from the interpretation matrix — select this type of input, if at filling in evaluation, actual value on this indicator need to be selected from the dropdown list. The dropdown list is generated from values of the interpretation matrix.

The final result of the indicator calculation should be interpreted to the percentage value. The result may be limited to Minimum and Maximum under this indicator. When calculating the total value of the indicator, there are the following approaches of interpretation:

  • Fact — to calculate the actual values, as a percentage of the planned value (calculated by the formula If = Av / Pv * 100%)
  • Interpretation matrix/b> used for the interpretation of the actual value of the performance indicator to a discrete percentage value (estimate), which is then used to calculate the user's overall performance in KPI.
  • Interpretation matrix for difference between plan and fact works similarly to the previous matrix, but the result is calculated based on the deviation of the actual value of the indicator from the planned value of the indicator.
  • In the top menu, select the item KPI, then in the drop-down menu, select the item Performance indicators.

  • Click on the link Add indicator.

  • Select The unit of measurement in dollars.

  • Actual calculation pattern set to «Through indicators», and select created earlier through indicator — «Total Income».

  • Plan calculation pattern set to «Through indicators», and select created earlier through indicator — «Total Income». For plan value of perfomance indicator we will take 100% of the plan value of through indicator.

  • Create another performance indicator; which will be the evaluation of manager, filled in to subordinates for complying labor discipline.

  • Set Actual values input type to «Exact values ​​from the interpretation matrix» to get a drop-down list of marks.

  • Set Interpretation - to «Interpretation matrix». For fast creation of pre-configured matrix click on «Fill in marks values».

  • Create another performance indicator, which will be the evaluation for the manager, automatically calculated on the basis of average values of subordinates indicators.

  • Set Actual calculation pattern to «Average values of subordinates». Indicator - select created on the previous step indicator for subordinates.

  • Create indicator filled in manually - the number of closed issues. Set The unit of measurement to pieces.

Automatically calculated values

The values of some patterns of actual values calculation can be calculated automatically based on the data available in Redmine. Part of the actual patterns of fact calculation is built into the plugin KPI, some patterns are available by other Redmine plugins, such as Clear Plan and Service Desk. It is possible to write third-party plugins that provide their own methods for calculating KPI indicators.

  • Create indicator calculated automatically - the number of errors found.

  • Set Actual calculation pattern to «Number of created issues with type». Set Tracker to «Error». The user's role in the project - «Developer» and «Tester». In calculating of this indicator will be taken into account only new issues with type «Error», created within the calculation period in projects where user has specified role.

  • Set Interpretation to «Interpretation matrix» and configure it so that the smaller the number of errors found (column «Fact»), the higher the final result of indicator is - «Percentage».