6. The effectiveness of the user in the module KPI

Effectiveness — final indicator of employee performance evaluation, which includes the evaluation on indicators of KPI-matrix for the calculation period. Effectiveness can be used for a general performance evaluation of the employee as for information purposes, and for the calculation of his salary.

Effectiveness (Efficiency)

Efficiency — is a table of planned and actual values of each of the evaluated indicators with all marks and notes within the calculation period. At filling in subjective marks feedbacks about the employee, left by external users through the functionality Report or praise can be taken into account.

The result of the efficiency calculation is the percentage value that can be increased to a minimum effectiveness specified in the KPI module settings, if does not reach it, or be truncated to the maximum effectiveness if exceeds it in the case when an option Do not truncate kpi is not enabled in the settings of the calculation period.

View of personal effectiveness is only available directly to the employee. Managers are able to see the effectiveness of their subordinates, but not each other. In Redmine you can configure rights to view effectiveness of any user in plugin KPI.

At intermediate calculations of employee`s effectiveness not filled in marks are not considered. Thus, the efficiency is always based on the current state of actual indicators.

  • To view your own effectiveness you need to click on the top menu item KPI, then in the drop-down menu, select the item My effectiveness.

  • To view someone else's effectiveness you need to be in any of the sections of plugin KPI in the block Effectiveness expand the users subordination tree up to interested employee, then click on his name.

  • Actual values (marks) may be filled in directly in the matrix of employee efficiency. To do this, click on the mark in the column of actual values.

  • In the opened window you need to fill in mark (actual value) and leave a comment if mark deviates from the norm.

  • If person responsible for filling in marks does not have permission to view the impact of employee, the actual values can be put down through the interface of filling in marks.

  • For filling in marks you need to select menu item Put marks in the sidebar menu in section KPI.

  • Through this interface it is possible to put down or change at once set of marks. To do this, set the actual values and fill notes if needed.

  • You can select marks for putting down only by one person.

  • Already saved marks are displayed in green colour, those that have not yet filled in — in white colour.

  • A number of indicators do not require manual putting down of fact. For example, data from the actual values of through indicators or our customized indicator Bugs Found.

  • To recalculate such indicator for the employee you need to click on the link Update recalculatable values.

  • As a result of recalculation will be found an issue with type «Error», that we created in preset step.

  • If you click on percentage value of indicator calculation, it opens the information on the calculated value indicating on the basis on which issues, indicators or marks it is calculated.

  • Employee can see notes on marks putted down to him in its effectiveness.

  • Open the efficiency of user «Lev Tolstoy», for which we have created a calculation period on the basis of pattern «IT Manager».

  • Refresh his actual indicators, after all marks on his subordinates were filled in.

  • As a result, we obtain the efficiency on indicator Performance of official duties (managers) calculated on the basis of his subordinates marks.

  • For mark calculated on the basis of subordinates indicators, you can view information on the basis of which values it was obtained.