2. Configuring trackers and creation of query for Clear Plan

For proper work of the operational plan, you need to choose which trackers will be used in operational planning.

  • In section Administration go to menu Trackers.

  • Click on the link New tracker, to create a new tracker or select an existing one to edit it.

  • In the tracker settings enable option Issues displayed in roadmap.

  • This setting should be enabled in all the trackers that will be used in operational plan.

The next step is optional. If you do not create a global query, plugin will use default one, which includes the following issue fields: tracker, priority, subject, status, assigned, execution date, elapsed time, readiness, delay. If you want to set the structure and order of the issue fields to display in the plan, perform the step below.

  • Create new query or edit an existing one.

  • In the query enable options For all projects and To any users. Set a list and order of the issue fields that you want to see in the plan.