«RM+» — flexible solutions development based on Redmine

«RM+» — enterprise solutions based on Redmine

We are developing plugins for Redmine for more than 5 years. Our solutions implement a unified information environment for a large holding company and can help your business in a wide range of tasks. Strategic and operational planning, control and motivation of personnel - this is not a complete set of services based on Redmine, which we can offer. We do flexible, functional solutions and carefully worked out interface. We use modern technologies, so the cost of our solutions is lower than the competition.

Redmine plugins

We have developed many useful plugins for Redmine. Some of the plugins we already offer to you. Some will be able to offer in the near future. Some solutions we can provide for free, other plugins are paid, but the cost of plugins is always acceptable.

Furthermore, most of our plugins for Redmine have no analogs (Luxury Buttons, KPI, etc.). We use Redmine as a unified corporate environment where are working everyone in the company, and this fact led to need for solutions that were not exist before.

Try our plugins, we hope that they will be very useful!
Redmine plugin — «Magic My Page»

«Magic My Page»

Plugin with extended capabilities of editing personal page in Redmine, integrated with other RM+ plugins.
Redmine plugin — «KPI»

«Service Desk»

Redmine plugin, which automates the process of requesting services between departments.
Redmine plugin — «Luxury Buttons»

«Luxury buttons»

Plugin provides a user-friendly interface for issue editing and allows you to customize issues workflow.

Development of new solutions in order

We have extensive experience in developing for Redmine. And if you need to get new functionality, which is not in the common Redmine or in already created plugins, we will be glad to help you with it.

Low cost of development

The professionalism of the team

Detailed and qualitative technical specification

Set of plugins

When you buy several plugins you get a discount

Turnkey solution

based on the Redmine and plugin Luxury Buttons

Redmine plugin — «Luxury Buttons»
Issues workflow for programmers

Issues workflow for programmers

Common issue workflow for companies

Common issue workflow for companies


Where our plugins are used

Russia, Germany, Belarus, Poland, Chile, France, Finland, Romania, Taiwan, China, Ukraine.

Redmine plugins, developed by RM+ team are used worldwide